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Parental judgements

Being judged as a parent can be hard, especially as a new parent. If people you love and respect are giving you advice and sometimes telling you what to do, it’s hard to stand your ground because after all, they have way more experience than you do.

My wife has been called disgusting for breastfeeding our 2 year old and we’re continually told, “he needs to be in his own room by now” with regards to co-sleeping. It took a while to grow enough confidence as a parent to push back on these judgements.

New parents need to be given a little space to explore their own parenting path. And if you’re a new parent reading this, don’t feel pressured by close friends or family, it’s ok to disagree and it’s ok to say no. Maybe they’re judging you because you don’t want anyone holding your newborn. Maybe they’re offended you’re breastfeeding because it isn’t what they did as a parent. Maybe they’re judging you because your 1 year old threw their plate of food on the floor and you aren’t “telling them off”.

Dealing with all of this judgement can be overwhelming as a parent, you want to do the right thing but you also don’t want to offend those you love most. This could lead you down a road where you’re making parenting choices to appease those closest to you in favour of offending them. Don’t!

By choosing a different parenting path to those close to you, you aren’t saying you disagree with them, or you think they’re bad parents, you’re simply doing what feels right for you and your family.

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